Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Next Step Forward Is Me

                             NEW BLOG IS GOOD

            Hello! My name is Isabelle Campbell. You may know me from The Campbell Clan! If you don't know what The Campbell Clan is, it's my Mom's blog she made for her, my dad, me, my brother, Seth, and my brother, Parker. Yes I'm the only girl and I'm the oldest. Well now it's time for me to get in action with websites and blogs and write like my mom. TRUST ME my dad MOST LIKELY has NO CLUE how to write a blog. [ He's not the best at electronics. Especially when it comes to LG VIRGIN mobile touch screen phones with apps and internet. ] Of course when I got my iPod touch it was EASY I was little-miss-iPod-pants!
    I'm just going to be making little blog posts here and there. I have Instagram and Youtube and Tumbler and Twitter and stuff like that. I'm an "account person"! I like to travel and I LOVE the colors Baby Blue and Hot Pink. here's a picture of well, ME!:
                         I TOOK THIS JUST NOW!! Cool right? I used the GOOGLE+ app!